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Have you ever dreamt of living in a luxurious castle or in a French-like castle estate ? And then, when you try to glance at the decoration, your wallet says “Don’t even think about it ! ”
Nothing is impossible ! Sort of…
Well, thanks to KosiLight, we can fulfill your dreams ! You can meet the same interior decoration as Versailles. From Classical to Baroque, we provide you with tons of luminaires that may appeal to you, at a totally affordable price!

One of the flashiest element of a castle, is the chic, gigantic, and elegant ceiling light. You can now enjoy the beauty and the impressiveness of this luminaire at a low price and with a flawless quality !
Just cast a glance at our Crystal Sky Ceiling Light :

Its shiny crystals and its different lightings will illuminate the room perfectly. Moreover, enjoy the modern touch with the use of LED technology, which will spread an atmosphere lighting, while the halogen bulbs will take on the strong lighting. And to top it all off, to impress your guests, we provide you with a remote, which can control the number of operating bulbs. In that way, you can modulate the atmopshere at will !
This is how to get a luxurious ceiling light from Renaissance, at an unbeatable price.

A luxurious and chic interior decoration HAS to adopt a classical chandelier. To stay in the baroque style, we suggest you to complete your rooms with the Crystal/Chrome Chandelier. Beautiful and useful.

Indeed, the chrome will prevent the oxidization of the metal and contribute to making the lighting glowing more than usual. It means that the finish will be so bright.
And for more impact, never hesitate to add some lampshades. Kosilight has a huge catalogue of trendy and design lampshades for your chic luminaires.

If you are looking for more distinction and impressiveness, don’t forget the Crystal Pendant Light ! Really trendy in the Renaissance style, they are suitable for any of your rooms. The pendant lights will add more glamour sensation into your home.

This Diana Luminaire can illuminate the room homogeneously but can be used as a decorative object as well ! You will attract your neighbourhood !

To match the gorgeous Diana pendant light, you can add a wall lamp, with a similar style : The Crystal Moosach.

With its three bulbs and its multiple crystals, this wall lamp will put on an atmosphere into your home with a nice and smooth light.

For a typical baroque and luxurious style, we suggest you the Elise bedside lamp for your bedroom.

The classical shape will lift you into the air of a luxurious life. Very trendy and chic, don’t hesitate anymore.

Do not neglect the other elements of interior decoration. If you want a chic and luxurious lifestyle, you may adopt some trendy statues. Every castle/manor must adopt a flawless design statuette. If you want to enhance your side table, this Black Swan statuette is really suitable.

Last but not least, for a cosy atmosphere and a pleasant comfort, you should put a Shaggy Red Carpet. In this case, you will never have a cold (at least for your feet).

This carpet suits perfectly the baroque style with a small modern touch.

You should have understood now. If you want a luxurious, baroque, Renaissance and classical interior decoration, you should choose crystal luminaires. They are very trendy and chic, but don’t forget that Kosilight sells them at a completely affordable price !
Do not hesitate to add some furnitures and decorations, which will reflect the beauty of our luminaires.
Kosilight, the online seller of trendy luminaires, provides you with chic and design : ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights, lamps, LED lightings and a lot of decorations !
Our mission is to fulfill your biggest dreams of having a luxurious life at hand !