1. Extended Lifespan

A LED bulb has a huge lifespan. It lasts between 10.000 and 50.000 hours, which represents 4 to 20 years of utilisation (for only a use of 7 hours per day).

2. Energy Saving

LED Efficiency is about :

  • 6,7 times higher than a classic incandescent bulb
  • 5,1 times superior than a halogen bulb
  • 1,4 times superior than a low-energy bulb

bulb LED

The LED bulb has a luminous efficiency 6,8 times higher than the incandescent bulb.

3.  Cost Saving

LED bulbs use less energy than classics bulbs. Therefore, this will drop your electric bill!

4.  Tint and Colour temperature choice

Depending on its composition, a LED bulb can produce a large diversity of colour and it is possible to modify the colour temperature of the bulb.

5.  Immediate Lighting

A LED bulb spreads 100% of its lighting in only 0,5 seconds! Contrary to the low-energy bulbs, the LED bulb lighting is instanteneous and will spare you from waiting any longer to have a warm and shiny light.

6.  No risks for you to be hurt

One of the most important innovation about LED technology is its ability to NOT heat up. It does not release heat, so you can manipulate it, even during the installation.

7.  A Decorating Item

The LED bulb is an attractive feature for your interior decoration. Modify the lcolour of the lighting and you will change the atmosphere at any time!

8.  No deterioration

LED bulbs do not produce ultraviolet radiation. Consequently, yellowning and material deterioration do not occur ! Besides, since it does not produce heat, it won’t attract dust and won’t damage the ceiling.

9.  Universal Bulbs

LED bulbs are very easy to use and to adapt, resulting in a useless maintenance, which is cost saving.

10.  Environment protection

LED bulbs are ecological. Consisting of 98% of recyclable materials, they do not represent a threat for mother nature.

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