The Colour Temperature

On the online shops, in your supermarket or in your DIY store, a wide range of light bulbs are offered. With the multitude of bulbs on the market and the different colour temperature existing, finding something for everyone is not that easy!

Depending on the atmosphere you like for a room, the first element to keep in mind for a bulb is: the colour temperature.

A bulb colour temperature, usually called “The colour of the light”, is defined as a visible colour from a light source.
It means that the colour temperature of a bulb determines the colour of the spread light.
The temperature can vary from a red/orange tint for a candlelight (1.000K) to a Pale Sky Blue (10.000K).

Furthermore, the lower is the number, the more the spread light is warm. On the contrary, the higher is the number, the more spread light is cold.

There are three main different colour temperatures and we measure them in degrees Kelvin (K) :

Warm white : between 2500 and 3000 Kelvins

Neutral white : between 4000 and 4500 Kelvins

Cold white : between 6000 and 7000 Kelvins

Warm white is equivalent to the colour of the classic incandescent bulb or halogen. This is what we usually call “white yellow” and seems to look like the sun colour during the sunrise.
This tint allows you to bring a smooth and welcoming atmosphere for your home. It is suitable for bedrooms.


Karen Ceiling Light          Helm Ceiling Light               Filament Bulb

Neutral white is between warm and cold. It is suitable for almost everybody because the spread light is neither too white, nor too yellow. It looks like the sun at noon.
This colour temperature is suitable for living rooms or for the kitchen.


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Cold white is what we call “daylight white”. It’s a kind of white that is close to the blue colour. It would be represented by the daylight from a cloudy sky.
It is ideal if you want to have a precise and clear vision. This light is suitable for offices, undergrounds/cellars, garages or even public spaces.


Oslo Ceiling Light           Fish Wall Lamp                Cold White Bulb

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