Luxurious interior decoration at HAND !


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Have you ever dreamt of living in a luxurious castle or in a French-like castle estate ? And then, when you try to glance at the decoration, your wallet says “Don’t even think about it ! ”
Nothing is impossible ! Sort of…
Well, thanks to KosiLight, we can fulfill your dreams ! You can meet the same interior decoration as Versailles. From Classical to Baroque, we provide you with tons of luminaires that may appeal to you, at a totally affordable price!

One of the flashiest element of a castle, is the chic, gigantic, and elegant ceiling light. You can now enjoy the beauty and the impressiveness of this luminaire at a low price and with a flawless quality !
Just cast a glance at our Crystal Sky Ceiling Light :

Its shiny crystals and its different lightings will illuminate the room perfectly. Moreover, enjoy the modern touch with the use of LED technology, which will spread an atmosphere lighting, while the halogen bulbs will take on the strong lighting. And to top it all off, to impress your guests, we provide you with a remote, which can control the number of operating bulbs. In that way, you can modulate the atmopshere at will !
This is how to get a luxurious ceiling light from Renaissance, at an unbeatable price.

A luxurious and chic interior decoration HAS to adopt a classical chandelier. To stay in the baroque style, we suggest you to complete your rooms with the Crystal/Chrome Chandelier. Beautiful and useful.

Indeed, the chrome will prevent the oxidization of the metal and contribute to making the lighting glowing more than usual. It means that the finish will be so bright.
And for more impact, never hesitate to add some lampshades. Kosilight has a huge catalogue of trendy and design lampshades for your chic luminaires.

If you are looking for more distinction and impressiveness, don’t forget the Crystal Pendant Light ! Really trendy in the Renaissance style, they are suitable for any of your rooms. The pendant lights will add more glamour sensation into your home.

This Diana Luminaire can illuminate the room homogeneously but can be used as a decorative object as well ! You will attract your neighbourhood !

To match the gorgeous Diana pendant light, you can add a wall lamp, with a similar style : The Crystal Moosach.

With its three bulbs and its multiple crystals, this wall lamp will put on an atmosphere into your home with a nice and smooth light.

For a typical baroque and luxurious style, we suggest you the Elise bedside lamp for your bedroom.

The classical shape will lift you into the air of a luxurious life. Very trendy and chic, don’t hesitate anymore.

Do not neglect the other elements of interior decoration. If you want a chic and luxurious lifestyle, you may adopt some trendy statues. Every castle/manor must adopt a flawless design statuette. If you want to enhance your side table, this Black Swan statuette is really suitable.

Last but not least, for a cosy atmosphere and a pleasant comfort, you should put a Shaggy Red Carpet. In this case, you will never have a cold (at least for your feet).

This carpet suits perfectly the baroque style with a small modern touch.

You should have understood now. If you want a luxurious, baroque, Renaissance and classical interior decoration, you should choose crystal luminaires. They are very trendy and chic, but don’t forget that Kosilight sells them at a completely affordable price !
Do not hesitate to add some furnitures and decorations, which will reflect the beauty of our luminaires.
Kosilight, the online seller of trendy luminaires, provides you with chic and design : ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights, lamps, LED lightings and a lot of decorations !
Our mission is to fulfill your biggest dreams of having a luxurious life at hand !


A review about luminated objects

Want to illuminate and sublimate your reception? It is time!

What better way to add an original touch and dazzle your guest?

Pendant lights, lamps, furnitures
KosiLight offers you a wide range of illuminated objects that will suit everyone, even children!
Find out our selection of playful and original illuminated objects!

You will see, with these items, you are going to impress your guests!

For your interior:

Do you want a cosy and futuristic design for your living room? Choose the Mood Light! With its ball shape, the mood light will fit to your contemporary flat or house, and gives you the atmosphere you want to, thanks to the colour changing. Therefore, the LED technology will bring a sci-fi touch that will make your relatives jealous!


Adopt the magnificent LED pendant light ball and change the atmosphere at your will with the ability to choose between 16 colours!
Original and trendy, this light will illuminate your interior.


Ultra-modern, this LED bedside lamp in a dog shape will appeal to the children. It will suit their bedrooms, their secret garden.
Playful and harmless, the LED dog lamp does not heat and doesn’t have any sharp corners. Furthermore, there is no connection to the mains.
You can play with them by changing the colours or activating the rainbow mode.
Perfect to lead your children to sleep, this LED lamp has more features than simply lighting your interior.


For the exterior: Choose the illuminated furnitures!

Enhance your exterior with these LED illuminated objects.
KosiLight offers you a large catalogue of furnitures that will illuminate your exterior decoration.
This illuminated Cube will improve your home style.
This design objects is multifonctional, you can use it both in the interior and exterior.
You are having a party and you don’t have place anymore? Put four of them together and obtain a trendy and original table!


Spend an evening with your family and bring your new table, the trendiest one of the moment!
Enjoy its 8 hours of battery life with a coloured atmosphere, both in the interior and the exterior.


For a festive decoration:

To flabbergast your neighbourhood and friends during a dinner-party, KosiLight has selected 2 products:


Liven up your parties with these illuminated champagne glasses. Your guests will never forget your reception!
Its battery life allows you to stay tuned until the end!

  • Interested by our LED champagne glasses? Don’t forget the bucket that suits them!


Illuminate your parties with the LED luminous Ice Bucket!
Without electric cords, you can use this bucket everywhere you want, it will follow you with a bright and shiny light!

Find out all our illuminated products.

10 Reasons why you should use LED bulbs.

1. Extended Lifespan

A LED bulb has a huge lifespan. It lasts between 10.000 and 50.000 hours, which represents 4 to 20 years of utilisation (for only a use of 7 hours per day).

2. Energy Saving

LED Efficiency is about :

  • 6,7 times higher than a classic incandescent bulb
  • 5,1 times superior than a halogen bulb
  • 1,4 times superior than a low-energy bulb

bulb LED

The LED bulb has a luminous efficiency 6,8 times higher than the incandescent bulb.

3.  Cost Saving

LED bulbs use less energy than classics bulbs. Therefore, this will drop your electric bill!

4.  Tint and Colour temperature choice

Depending on its composition, a LED bulb can produce a large diversity of colour and it is possible to modify the colour temperature of the bulb.

5.  Immediate Lighting

A LED bulb spreads 100% of its lighting in only 0,5 seconds! Contrary to the low-energy bulbs, the LED bulb lighting is instanteneous and will spare you from waiting any longer to have a warm and shiny light.

6.  No risks for you to be hurt

One of the most important innovation about LED technology is its ability to NOT heat up. It does not release heat, so you can manipulate it, even during the installation.

7.  A Decorating Item

The LED bulb is an attractive feature for your interior decoration. Modify the lcolour of the lighting and you will change the atmosphere at any time!

8.  No deterioration

LED bulbs do not produce ultraviolet radiation. Consequently, yellowning and material deterioration do not occur ! Besides, since it does not produce heat, it won’t attract dust and won’t damage the ceiling.

9.  Universal Bulbs

LED bulbs are very easy to use and to adapt, resulting in a useless maintenance, which is cost saving.

10.  Environment protection

LED bulbs are ecological. Consisting of 98% of recyclable materials, they do not represent a threat for mother nature.

Don’t hesitate! With our LED products and bulbs, save your money on your electric bill!
Our online shop offers you a wide range of LED, from chandeliers to wall lamps!

The Colour Temperature

The Colour Temperature

On the online shops, in your supermarket or in your DIY store, a wide range of light bulbs are offered. With the multitude of bulbs on the market and the different colour temperature existing, finding something for everyone is not that easy!

Depending on the atmosphere you like for a room, the first element to keep in mind for a bulb is: the colour temperature.

A bulb colour temperature, usually called “The colour of the light”, is defined as a visible colour from a light source.
It means that the colour temperature of a bulb determines the colour of the spread light.
The temperature can vary from a red/orange tint for a candlelight (1.000K) to a Pale Sky Blue (10.000K).

Furthermore, the lower is the number, the more the spread light is warm. On the contrary, the higher is the number, the more spread light is cold.

There are three main different colour temperatures and we measure them in degrees Kelvin (K) :

Warm white : between 2500 and 3000 Kelvins

Neutral white : between 4000 and 4500 Kelvins

Cold white : between 6000 and 7000 Kelvins

Warm white is equivalent to the colour of the classic incandescent bulb or halogen. This is what we usually call “white yellow” and seems to look like the sun colour during the sunrise.
This tint allows you to bring a smooth and welcoming atmosphere for your home. It is suitable for bedrooms.


Karen Ceiling Light          Helm Ceiling Light               Filament Bulb

Neutral white is between warm and cold. It is suitable for almost everybody because the spread light is neither too white, nor too yellow. It looks like the sun at noon.
This colour temperature is suitable for living rooms or for the kitchen.


York Ceiling Light           Erano Ceiling Light               Flamme bulbs

Cold white is what we call “daylight white”. It’s a kind of white that is close to the blue colour. It would be represented by the daylight from a cloudy sky.
It is ideal if you want to have a precise and clear vision. This light is suitable for offices, undergrounds/cellars, garages or even public spaces.


Oslo Ceiling Light           Fish Wall Lamp                Cold White Bulb

Discover the new trendy multicoloured luminaires. These will help you change the atmosphere any time you want to!


Las Vegas Ceiling Light   Ball shaped Ceiling Lamp    Fise Ceiling Light

How to succeed in your interior lighting in 2015?

How to succeed in your interior lighting in 2015?

You want to enhance your house or your flat? To do so, you just need the right decoration and especially, the right luminaires. Ceiling lights, wall lamps, chandeliers and ceiling pendants are the best tools to improve your decoration.
Enlightening your interior by giving it an original and unique style appeals to your guests as much as yourselves.
The trendy luminaires selected by the editorial board for 2015 will help you find the best lighting that would fit your new house or revive your interior with an updated touch.
Indeed, the luminaires we have selected are useful, chic, ingenious and are in the spirit of the times.

You need to understand first that rooms should not be enlightened in the same way. Before using a luminaire, you should know what to expect for each room.

To build the trendiest decoration of the year, we hardly advise you to choose:

– The illuminated objects revolutionise the decoration with their multifunctionality. Actually, they are practical and can be lit on. They are perfect for both interiors and exteriors.

– You like to change the atmosphere? Choose the pendant light ball! With its 16 colours, you can change to your favourite one!

– The Illuminated table lamp in a dog shape will be your children’s best friend.

– The futuristic designed luminaires are fashionable with their LED lights! Try the wall light Flama, with its decorative shape, it will bring you modernity for your interior decoration.

– For your dining room, the Horizon pending light would fit perfectly. Its futuristic design will appeal to all your guests!

To give you more ideas, we have sorted the luminaires by room.

2015 trend: Luminaires for your living room:

The unbeatable lighting for your living room is the ceiling lamp. Our ceiling lights transform your room with their shiny light and their style. Your guests will be jealous!
Besides, for the other type of luminaires, we advise you to set them in the room corners and aim them towards strategic spaces. For example: the paintings, statues, vases… etc. To maximise your lighting, you shall use different combination of luminaires. For example: foot lamps and ceiling lights. You can also customise them with decorative elements such as lampshades. These allow you to spread the light to the ceiling and to the ground. Furthermore, lamps with variable power are really trendy nowadays, because they allow you to modify the light spreading power and to watch a movie with your relatives.

Venosa Ceiling lamp

Cubes Ceiling lamp

                                      Montella Ceiling lamp

2015 trend: Luminaires for the dining room:

The room in which you are having dinner should be the brightest part of your home to appeal to your guests.
This is the room where you spend a lot of time. That is why, you should choose your luminaires wisely to get a smooth and attractive atmosphere. Thereby, hang a ceiling lamp above the table. Adapt your luminaires with your interior decoration to harmonise the overall: romantic, baroque, rustic or even contemporary.
For the other part of the dining room, set a soft and discreet lighting to maximise the relaxation and conversation: wall lamps, little lamp on the dresser

                                             Calluna Ceiling Light
                                       Triple Ceiling lamp

                                        Wave Ceiling Light

2015 trend: Luminaires for the bedroom

The bedroom is the most private place of your home. Peacefulness should remain in this room, choose different types of luminaires.
This resting room should not have aggressive lighting. Pick a warm-coloured light.
A ceiling light is suitable for your daily activities such as dressing up. You can also opt for a wall lamp that points the ceiling. Set-up a bedside lamp with a low power or select a rotating wall lamp to make the reading easier. These are very trendy and save place on your bedside table.

Adonis Wall Lamp

Rigali Wall Lamp

Elise Lamp

Notes: The chosen luminaire will completely change your interior decoration, but you have to pay attention to the temperature colour of your light bulbs too.

For more information about how to choose the correct colour temperature for the different room, click here

M6D&CO is in partnership with KosiLight!

M6 D&CO is a French popular TV-Show presented by Valérie Damidot. It deals with helping families by giving them a chance to fulfill their dreams by re-building and re-decorating their house, with innovative and trendy furnitures.

KosiLight provided :

4 products for Natacha’s bedroom:

– Ceiling light from the Modena Collection

– Lamp, Wall lamp and a table lamp from the Elise Collection

For Mathilde’s room:

– A bedside lamp from the Cello Collection which enhances harmony in her bedroom

For Angel’s bedroom, we chose two products:

– The design wall lamp LONDON

– The foot lamp MALICIA

Don’t hesitate to go watch the show on M6 replay to see our goods!